Dec 23

Top 10 Reasons Gift Cards Are Perfect For Gamers and Tech Enthusiasts

As a gamer and/or tech enthusiast – how do you feel about receiving gift cards as opposed to some other gift? I’ve had a few conversations about gift card giving this year as I have approached Christmas, usually as the result of someone asking me how I feel about receiving them. I tend to really appreciate gift cards, putting them towards larger purchases to fuel my gaming habits or tech cravings. Gizimodo’s latest highlighting of arguments for and against gift cards combined with those recent discussions has fueled my drive to create a Top 10 list to convince everyone else that gift cards are perfect for gamers and tech enthusiasts

10. Our wishlists are pricey

9. If it’s not on our wishlist, we probably already have it

8. It says you know us well enough to know that we have specific tastes and it might just be better to let us choose the item

7. Getting an outlet-specific card tells us you know where we like to spend our money.

6. What we really want may not be available, yet

5. We can use your gift card to upgrade what we would have purchased with our own money

4. Part of our enjoyment comes from researching the purchase ourself

3. If/when it needs to be serviced/replaced/upgraded it will be easier if we bought it ourselves

2. We can safely use them without having to read the manual

1. There is always “the next thing” for us to purchase, every last cent on the card will be put to good use!

So, do me and every other gaming or tech enthusiast out there a favor – give us a gift card
if you’re not 100% on your gift selection process.


  1. Mike the Spike

    Absolutely agreed on the gift cards. In fact, I got some gift cards, but not to the right store. Darn!

  2. Dwight

    That is the real trick with gift cards: you still have to know the recipient well enough to pick the right store. Amazon is a worthy contender, imo.

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