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Upcoming Review – Sennheiser PC330 G4ME Headset

I recently got my hands(ears?) on a pair of Sennheiser’s PC330 G4ME Headsets. (Doesn’t the “G4ME” make you feel so “l33t” just by reading it?) To provide the best review possible, I felt it was my obligation to really put the PC330 through the paces: gaming, music and video, before reporting on my impression.Sennheiser PC330 G4ME Headset

Unfortunately, the graphics card in my computer, a XFX ATI Radeon HD 5850 Video Card, died shortly after Christmas, seriously hampering my ability to really enjoy the PC330(More on this experience later). Fortunately, like any good tech enthusiast, I have (more than) my fair share of backup components and will be able to continue my testing while I wait through the (hopefully not-excruciating) RMA process for my video card.

So, stay tuned… and maybe share some of your own tech hardware horror stories in the comments to pass the time.


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